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Variable Speed Pump Controllers

Variable Speed Drives for controlling water pumps and systems. All our variable speed drives are designed for high efficiency and reliabilty.

Our Speedmatic is favoured by customers for its energy saving design, flexibility to work with single or multistage pumps and fantastic value for money. Installing a Speedmatic will protect your pump from dry run failures and power supply issues.

Please call us on 01777 871100 or contact us through our online form for help in selecting the best variable frequency drive for your application.

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  Speedmatic is an advanced, energy saving, variable speed inverter drive system sp..
Lowara Hydrovar Variable Speed Drives
Lowara's NEW 5th Generation HYDROVAR is a modern, intelligent and reliable variable spe..
Lowara Wall Mounted Hydrovar Variable Speed Drives
Lowara's NEW 5th Generation HYDROVAR is a modern, intelligent and reliable va..
Invertek Optidrive E3 Variable Speed Drive
Optidrive is an easy to use general purpose speed control for pumps. The delivery flow and p..
Dab Active Driver Plus
The Dab Active Driver Plus (formerly known as the PWM) is a variable frequency drive control..
Franklin Sub Drive Inverter drive for Borehole Pumps
Franklin Electric’s constant pressure controllers use state-of-the-art technology to provide cons..
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