Lowara Wall Mounted Hydrovar Variable Speed Drive

Lowara 5th Generation Hydrovar is a modern, intelligent and reliable variable speed drive which takes pumping to a whole new level of flexibility and efficiency.
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Model: HVL2.015-A0010W Voltage: 230V Power: 0.55-1.5 kW SKU: 3339-015 RRP: £2,935.00 Our Price:
£2,465.40 £2,054.50
Model: HVL2.022-A0010W Voltage: 230V Power: 2.2 kW SKU: 3339-016 RRP: £3,480.00 Our Price:
£2,923.20 £2,436.00
Model: HVL2.030-A0010W Voltage: 230V Power: 3 kW SKU: 3339-017 RRP: £4,163.00 Our Price:
£3,496.92 £2,914.10
Model: HVL2.040-A0010W Voltage: 230V Power: 4 kW SKU: 3339-018 RRP: £4,651.00 Our Price:
£3,906.84 £3,255.70
Model: HVL4.015-A0010W Voltage: 400V Power: 0.55-1.5 kW SKU: 3339-019 RRP: £2,935.00 Our Price:
£2,465.40 £2,054.50
Model: HVL4.022-A0010W Voltage: 400V Power: 2.2 kW SKU: 3339-020 RRP: £3,480.00 Our Price:
£2,923.20 £2,436.00
Model: HVL4.030-A0010W Voltage: 400V Power: 3 kW SKU: 3339-021 RRP: £4,163.00 Our Price:
£3,496.92 £2,914.10
Model: HVL4.040-A0010W Voltage: 400V Power: 4 kW SKU: 3339-022 RRP: £4,651.00 Our Price:
£3,906.84 £3,255.70
Model: HVL4.055-A0010W Voltage: 400V Power: 5.5 kW SKU: 3339-023 RRP: £5,522.00 Our Price:
£4,638.48 £3,865.40
Model: HVL4.075-A0010W Voltage: 400V Power: 7.5 kW SKU: 3339-024 RRP: £6,600.00 Our Price:
£5,544.00 £4,620.00
Model: HVL4.110-A0010W Voltage: 400V Power: 11 kW SKU: 3339-025 RRP: £7,464.00 Our Price:
£6,269.76 £5,224.80
Model: HVL4.150-A0010W Voltage: 400V Power: 15 kW SKU: 3339-026 RRP: £7,715.00 Our Price:
£6,480.60 £5,400.50
Model: HVL4.185-A0010W Voltage: 400V Power: 18.5 kW SKU: 3339-027 RRP: £8,060.00 Our Price:
£6,770.40 £5,642.00
Model: HVL4.220-A0010W Voltage: 400V Power: 22 kW SKU: 3339-028 RRP: £8,757.00 Our Price:
£7,355.88 £6,129.90
Model: HV3.30W Voltage: 400V Power: 30 kW SKU: 3339-012 RRP: £11,152.00 Our Price:
£9,367.68 £7,806.40
Model: HV3.37W Voltage: 400V Power: 37 kW SKU: 3339-013 RRP: £12,660.00 Our Price:
£10,634.40 £8,862.00
Model: HV3.45W Voltage: 400V Power: 45 kW SKU: 3339-014 RRP: £13,454.00 Our Price:
£11,301.36 £9,417.80
Lowara 5th Generation Hydrovar is a modern, intelligent and reliable variable speed drive which takes pumping to a whole new level of flexibility and efficiency. It controls the speed of a standard IEC motor by converting the fixed voltage and frequency from the power supply line. The system consists of a variable speed drive (VSD), a control card, sensors, EMC filters and motor/system protection.

It can be fitted easily to any new pump system or retrofitted to existing pumps using the fast and easy 'clip and play' mounting clamps.

Pump systems are very often oversized for the application and therefore using much more energy than needed. With energy savings of up to 70% at partial loads alone, the typical investment payback period is less than 2 years, depending on energy costs and pump operating times. A motor running at 80% of it's maximum speed uses 48% less energy and slashes carbon emissions.

The controls available include constant pressure, system curve, constant flow or via an external signal. In addition to these functions the Hydrovar can do things that are normally only performed by the most advanced computerised control systems such as:
►Stopping the pump/pumps at zero demand
►Stopping the pump/pumps in case of water failure
►Protection against dry running
►A standard feature of a 2nd required input value that allows change over between 2 different pressure settings via an external switch
►Sensor failure and over temperature of inverter and motor which protects the pump and motor from under/over-voltage

►Motor or wall mountable
►More flexibility
►Cost savings
►Easy to commission
►Energy savings up to 70%
►Multi-pump capability which allows control from 1-8 pumps
►Enclosure IP 55

Models listed above are wall mounted versions. Pump/Motor mounted versions are available here.

Use Lowara's Payback Calculator HERE to determine the energy and money that you'll save by installing the Hydrovar on your pumping system.

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