Water & Air Treatment

Water & Air Treatment

Water can contain dirt, sediments, minerals, bacteria and other contaminants that can make it taste and smell bad. Some of these impurities could endanger your health, especially if your drinking water contains micro-organisms. Others can cost you money – hard water causes limescale due to high levels of calcium and magnesium. These deposits build up in pipes, reducing the efficiency of your plumbing and heating, and driving up your energy bills.

Monitoring your water for these problems will protect you and allow you to carry out any necessary disinfection and sterilisation. Filtration and UV sterilisation are both effective ways of managing water safety and removing harmful chemical and biological contaminants. Water softeners will remove troublesome sediments that cause limescale.

Whatever your water quality issues are, we have a full range of water treatment and purification solutions, including water filters, UV sterilisers and water softeners. We also carry a complete range of replacement filter cartridges and ultraviolet lamps.

We can also provide a laboratory water analysis service to test your water content for common chemicals and bacteria, and advise the best products to make your water safe and pleasant to drink.

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