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Agricultural Pumps

Since our foundation in 1994 Whisper Pumps have specialised in supplying pumps for agriculture. We are experts in dealing with the particular challenges on your farm, from pumping dirty water, slurry and effluent to fresh water supplies from boreholes or wells.
We stock a wide range of pumps suitable for agricultural applications including submersible pumps, chopper pumps, pressure washers, volume wash pumps, PTO drive pumps, slurry tanker pumps, fuel transfer pumps and liquid fertiliser pumps.
Please call us on 01777 871100 or contact us here for help in selecting the right pump for your farm.


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Battioni Pagani MEC 8000 Series Vacuum Pumps
Battioni Pagani MEC 8000 compressors / vacuum pumps for slurry tankers and gully sucker..
Plastic Bodied Self Priming Engine Pumps
Plastic bodied self priming petrol and diesel engine pumps manufactured by Pacer. Ideal fo..
Battioni Pagani MEC 11000 Series Vacuum Pumps
The MEC 11000 Series are mainly used for filling & emptying slurry tanks.  They are..
Battioni Pagani MEC 13500 Series Vacuum Pumps
The MEC 13500 Series are mainly used for filling & emptying slurry tanks.  They are..
Ebara Best One Submersible Pumps
Ebara Best One submersible electric pumps for clean water. Best One ..
Ebara DW VOX Series With Vortex Impeller
Ebara DW VOX series of submersible sewage pumps made from AISI 304 stainless steel, wit..
JS SKSS Stainless Steel Submersible Chopper Pumps
SKSS series are submersible chopper pumps with tungsted carbide tip impellers and a serrated..
Powersnake MK4 High Volume Wash Pump
Designed and built by us, specifically for washing down milking parlours and live stock cont..
PTO Powered Pumps
PTO powered self priming pumps with gearbox for connecting to tractors by a universal joint...
Rotorflush Filterpumps
Rotorflush Filterpumps are high quality submersible pumps with integrated self cleaning filt..
Interpump Pressure Washers
Top quality electric Interpump Pressure Washers suitable for heavy daily use. The TX &..
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