Commercial Water Softeners

Commercial water softeners with Clack® WS1 metered valve.
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Model Max. Flow SKU Our Price (ex VAT)
Model: WF0835CI-S1 Maxflow: 13 l/min SKU: 5269-100 Our Price:
£544.32 £453.60
Model: WF1044CI-S1 Maxflow: 26 l/min SKU: 5269-102 Our Price:
£621.60 £518.00
Model: WF1035CI-S1 Maxflow: 20 l/min SKU: 5269-101 Our Price:
£584.64 £487.20
Model: WF1252CI-S1 Maxflow: 40 l/min SKU: 5269-104 Our Price:
£730.80 £609.00
Model: WF1054CI-S1 Maxflow: 33 l/min SKU: 5269-103 Our Price:
£661.92 £551.60
Model: WF1354CI-S1 Maxflow: 50 l/min SKU: 5269-105 Our Price:
£771.12 £642.60
Model: WF1465CI-S1 Maxflow: 66 l/min SKU: 5269-106 Our Price:
£913.92 £761.60
Model: WF1665CI-S1 Maxflow: 100 l/min SKU: 5269-107 Our Price:
£1,122.24 £935.20
Commercial water softeners with Clack® WS1 metered valve.

Water softeners remove magnesium and calcium minerals from the water through a process of ion-exchange. The ion-exchange resin replaces magnesium and calcium ions with sodium ions. Once the resin becomes saturated, the Clack® control valve automatically re-generates the resin with a brine solution. It then rinses away the minerals together with any remaining brine solution and automatically puts the system back into service. In installations where the water supply cannot be interrupted, we use two or more units linked together, so that one unit is always in service while the other is re-generating.

All softener units are supplied with 'PURERESIN Company' softener resin.

►Maximum operating pressure: 8 bar

Due to the size and weight, commercial water softeners are excluded from our standard delivery options. Please call us on 01777 871100 for a delivery cost.

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