Doing Our Bit For The Environment 

Here at Whisper Pumps we have made it our mission to incorporate sustainability into our business wherever possible, to minimise our carbon footprint and the impact we have on the environment to combat climate change.

We recycle 90% of all cardboard used in the business. We do this be either reusing boxes or shredding them down for use as protective packaging when we send our pumps out to customers. All our power cables are recycled safely, and any pump metal scrap is recycled if a pump is economically beyond repair. All soft plastics are recycled and collected. Water bottles, packaging, cups, you name it!  All our stationary supplies are recycled, which includes paper, ink cartridges, batteries and pens. We have a rainwater harvesting tank installed on site. We are then able to reuse collected rainwater within our pump testing area ensuring no unnecessary use of water from the mains!

Every action counts and even the small things can make a difference!