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Water Testing Service

Water Testing Service
Do you really know if your private water supply is safe?
Water can contain dirt, sediments, bacteria and other contaminants that can make it taste and smell bad. Some of these impurities could endanger your health, especially if your water contains micro-organisms and bacteria. Sometimes symptoms can be obvious like an unusual scent or a change in colour but sometimes there are no symptoms at all to show how pure your water is. 
Whisper Pumps offer a water testing service whereby we can test your water for the 5 most common forms of bacteria and 20 most common chemicals.
How does it work?
  1. We’ll send you a water sampling kit containing 6 sterile bottles which we require you to fill with the water (full instructions included within the kit).
  2. Let us know the day you plan to take the samples and we'll arrange for a courier to pick them up on the same day. 
  3. Your samples will be brought to our laboratory where we will conduct our tests - all in line with the EU drinking water standard.
  4. We will then provide you with a full detailed report of the results with recommendations for any remedial treatment required. 
Price includes all collection and delivery charges.
When checking out please provide us with a telephone number you have access too during working hours as we will need to call you to schedule collection. 
Please Note: Collections can-not be scheduled for a Friday. 
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