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Expansion Vessels

Expansion Vessels

Whisper Pumps stock a comprehensive range of Expansion vessels from the globally leading thermo-hydraulic manufacturer Zilmet.

Expansion vessels or pressure vessels are used in pump systems to store water under pressure and are used in conjunction with a pressure switch.

Inside the tank is a rubber membrane: on one side of the membrane is air and on the other side is water. When the pressure switch starts the pump, water is forced into the pressure vessel which causes the membrane to expand, compressing the air on the other side of the membrane. When the set pressure is reached, the pressure switch stops the pump and the non return valve closes, holding the pressure in the system. When water is drawn from the system, the air pressure forces water out until the pressure falls to the lower set level of the pressure switch at which point the pump re-starts and the cycle is repeated.

In heating systems, expansion vessels are used to absorb the thermal expansion and contraction of the fluid in the system.
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