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pH Correction Systems (DWI Approved: Private Water applications*)

pH Correction Systems (DWI Approved: Private Water applications*)

Water in which the pH is below 7 is acidic which can cause pipework corrosion, staining of baths and sinks and can leave a distinctive metallic taste. Raising the pH above 7 reduces the problems and makes the water more palatable. The simplest way to raise the pH of water is to pass the water through a vessel containing slowly dissolving calcium and magnesium salts. These salts slowly dissolve into the water 're-mineralising’ the water and naturally raising the pH. The water can be simply passed through the media through an in/out head or through an automatic backwashing filter head. The backwashing head has the advantage of remixing the media and also removing any debris or iron or manganese which may have been oxidised out of solution as the pH increases
Juraperle is a granular media made up of 99.4% calcium carbonate. It has a superior performance to limestone due to its micro-crystalline structure. It dissolves very slowly, is free from soluble constituents and has a low silica content. Juraperle is consumed and from time to time new media should be added.

Corosex is a highly reactive magnesium oxide salt and is used most effectively where the pH correction is substantial or the flow rate is high. In reality for a pH of less than 6 a 25% Corosex, 75% Juraperle mix is ideal. 

*The Private Water regulations 2009 say products used for drinking water supply in private water installations must be DWI approved. Many of the Whisper Pumps filter systems are approved. 

We recommend for you to contact us on 01777 871100 to discuss your requirements before purchasing a pH correction system online - that is why we don't have any prices listed. 

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