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Multistage Pumps

Multistage pumps are centrifugal pumps with more than one impeller, suitable for pumping clean water at higher pressures than can be achieved with single impeller centrifugal pumps. As water is pumped from one impeller stage to the next, the pressure increases. The more stages the higher the pressure.

Typically there are two types:
1. Extended shaft versions e.g Lowara e-HM 
& Ebara Matrix, where the pump is attached directly to the drive shaft of a pump specific motor.
2. Close coupled versions e.g Lowara e-SV & Grundfos CR where the pump is attached to a standard IEC electric motor via a rigid coupling.

Extended shaft versions are a lower cost option and are more compact. Close coupled versions have the advantage of interchangeable motors which can be replaced without draining the pump or disconnecting the pipe work.

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