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Adblue Pumps

Adblue Pumps

Whisper Pump's stock a growing range of Adblue Pumps including types which are hand powered and others which connect to IBC (intemediate bulk containers).

What is Adblue?

Adblue is a water based chemical solution that is required for some commercial vehicles to help reduce pollution and comply to Euro 4/5 directive.
Adblue consumption is 5% of diesel, so for every one hundred litres of diesel, 5 litres of Adblue is used.
You must not use a normal fuel pump to dispense Adblue which is why we have segregated our fuel transfer pumps to avoid confusion. Adblue must be kept pure at all times and any contaminants from rubber hoses/seals or metals will cause damage to the vehicles engine causing hefty repair costs and loss of vehicle downtime.
Adblue is not harmful however it is corrosive.
Adblue has been mainly supplied in 1000 litre IBC's (intemediate bulk containers), however usage is on the increase.

Please call us on 01777 871100 or contact us through our online form if you have any questions regarding Adblue or need help in selecting the Adblue pump for your application.

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