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Dirty Water & Sewage Stations

Whisper Pumps offer a wide range of Dirty Water and Sewage pumping stations ranging from Lowara's Minibox Series to the Micro 10 Series. We have a pump station to suit most individual requirements.

The stations are available in various sizes. Our fully packaged sewage pumping stations are supplied complete with all necessary equipment to allow ease and speed of installation.

Applications include domestic waste water for a single household right through to large housing developments, industrial premises and commercial units. Indeed any situation where water sewage and waste or surface water needs pumping to a mains connection. The tanks can also be used to increase existing arrangements.

If you are unsure which pumping station will work best for your sewage application, do not hesitate to call us on 01777 871100 or contact us here.

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Lowara Minibox Sewage Stations
Lowara's minibox series prefabricated compact lifting stations are designed to collect ..
Lowara Micro 4 Sewage Stations
Lowara's Micro 4 series prefabricated lifting station for clean and grey water according to ..
Lowara Micro 6 Series and Micro 6+6 Sewage Stations
Lowara Micro 6 and Micro 6+6 series prefabricated lifting stations for wastewater in accorda..
Lowara Micro 10 Sewage Stations
Lowara's MICRO 10 Series prefabricated lifting stations for domestic wastewater and sewage f..
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