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Small But Mighty

5th November 2015 by Chloé Bleackley and Sarah Sinclair


Having a powerful, fast running water supply can be a luxury to some!

We're very exicited about our NEW E.Sybox Mini by Dab which will boost your water pressure so slow dripping taps and drizzling showers will be a thing of the past. 

Here’s why we believe the E.Sybox Mini is ‘Small but Mighty’; First of all, the versatility is incredible. This pump can be installed anywhere even under your kitchen sink, either vertically or horizontally dependant on your storage space. Wall brackets are also available if you would prefer a wall installation.



The E.Sybox Mini will allow you to run more than one water outlet at a time, giving you a constant, reliable water supply. You can shower, whilst someone else washes the dishes and someone else waters the garden.

It’s quiet too with no vibrations.

As well as saving time and hassle, the E.Sybox Mini has been proven to save up to 50% on energy consumption compared to traditional solutions – That means it also saves you money! 



What’s holding you back? Price…?

Dabs recommended retail price for this unit is: £490.00. We’re going to give you 25% off that price so our best price to you is only: £367.50*. What’s more is that we’re offering free delivery to you (or your customer), with a 2 Year Manufacturers Guarantee.


Click Here to find out more about the E.Sybox Mini…

We’re certain if you are experiencing any kind of water pressurisation issues in your home, the E.Sybox is the best solution for you!

If you have any questions about this unit, do not hesitate to call us on 01777 871100. 


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