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Plastic Fittings

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Equal Tee
Equal Tee Plastic Pipe Fitting Our plastic equal tee plumbing fittings are availa..
Female Hosetail
Plastic Female Hosetail Pipe Fittings Our plastic hosetail fittings are available..
Female-Female Elbows
Plastic Female-Female Elbow Pipe Fittings Our plastic elbow fittings are available in a ra..
Hexagon Nipples
Plastic Hexagon Nipple Pipe Fittings Our plastic nipple fittings are availa..
Hexagon Reducing Bush
Plastic Hexagon Reducing Bush Pipe Fittings Our plastic reducing bush ..
Hexagon Reducing Nipple
Plastic Hexagon Reducing Nipple Pipe Fittings Our plastic reducing&nbs..
Hexagon Threaded Socket
IBC/ Drum Adaptor
Whisper's IBC (intermediate bulk container) adaptor fits Schutz drums, S60 Buttress threads on Sch..
Male Hosetail
Plastic Male Hosetail Pipe Fittings Our plastic male hose tail fitting..
Multi Hose Adapter
Plastic multi-hose adapter fitting - 38mm x 32mm x 25mm Ideal for connecting smaller submers..
PVC Bulkhead Fitting
Plastic PVC Bulkhead Pipe Fittings Our plastic bulkhead fittings are available in ..
RCF Hosetails
Plastic RCF Hosetail Pipe Fittings Our plastic RCF hose tails are available in a..
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