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We answer your Borehole Pump Questions!

12 August 2015 by Chloé Bleackley


Not to scare you or anything, but installing and selecting a suitable Borehole Pump System can be one of the trickiest things to get right – but once you’ve made the decisions the benefits of utilising water from a borehole can be phenomenal!

As one of the UK’s leading specialists for Borehole Systems we want to help you through that tricky decision making stage by doing most of the work for you.

If you’re in the early consideration stages of installing a borehole pump, I imagine these are some of the questions rushing around in your head… Hopefully we can answer those now.



You: I know I have access to some underground water at my property but the borehole hasn’t been drilled yet. Do Whisper Pumps do the borehole drilling or who do I contact?

Our Response: Whilst we don’t do site visits ourselves, we have a database full of registered borehole drillers who we have reliably worked with over the years. If you let us know your postcode we can put you in contact with someone close by who can visit your site and give you a consultation. The borehole driller will let you know what work would need to be undertaken to access the water.



You: How do I know if the borehole water is safe to drink?

Our Response: We can help you there! As part of our water testing service we can test your water for the 5 most common forms of bacteria and 20 most common chemicals. If your test results show that your water is not safe to drink, we can recommend treatment including filtration or UV sterilisation to purify your water.



You: How long will a borehole pump last?

Our Response: This really does depend on the working conditions of the pump. Properly installed borehole pump systems can last more than 25 years. Take a look at some pump failure prevention methods from our previous blog here. The good news is that most failures can be prevented by correct installation and use of control equipment, which we can help you choose.



You: How do I know which borehole pump to get?

Our Response: If you let us know your requirements (E.g. Power supply, flow rate etc…) via our Borehole Pump Selection Questionnaire, we’ll match up the best borehole pump for the job. We’ll include all the fittings/cables/control equipment you’ll need as part of a FREE no obligation quotation. So in answer to your question, we’ll tell you which pump to get if you want us too!



You: I need a borehole pump quick, how long will delivery take?

Our Response: We have one of the UK’s biggest stock holdings of borehole pumps in our warehouse. If you order before 2PM, in most cases we can deliver to you on an overnight delivery so your pump would be with you the next day!


I know that your 6th question will be:  how much will this cost me? At this stage we can’t answer that one as every application is unique. If you complete our Borehole Pump Selection Questionnaire, our FREE no obligation quotation will list all the prices for the equipment. You’ll get a better idea once we’ve had a closer look at your specific requirements.

If you have any questions that we haven’t answered, do not hesitate to get in touch here. No question is too silly or too technical when it comes to borehole systems. We know how tricky and confusing they can be; but the outcome will be worth it!  



These are a few of our favourite things..

24 July 2015 by Sarah Sinclair


It’s coming to that time of year where the sun starts to shine, and one thing everyone loves is a dip in the pool! That’s why this week’s blog post is all about inspiring you to add a spot of luxury to your life. We’ve chosen our 5 favourite chalet locations and the spectacular pools within.


Tivoli Lodge, Davos, Switzerland

Tivoli Lodge, Chalet, Swimming Pool

This one had to be our favourite! This Alpine chalet offers a breath-taking view whilst having a relaxing dip in the pool, and a Jacuzzi too!


Chalet No.14, Verbier

 Chalet No.14, Chalet, Swimming Pool

The colour of the water was an immediate eye-catcher within this stunning room.


Le Grand Joux, Morzine

Le Grand Joux, Chalet, Swimming Pool

A more modern approach to this chalet! What we love is how the pool is lit up by the candles – a very elegant touch.


Chalet White Pearl, French Alps

Chalet White Pearl, Chalet, Swimming Pool

This chalet pool is very stylish and we love the way the roof follows the outline of circular shaped pool!


Chalet Zannier, Megeve

Chalet Zannier, Chalet, Swimming Pool

A smaller pool but no less luxurious, this pool is perfect for relaxing after a busy day.


Have any of these pool ideas inspired you? Why not treat yourself..

We could help you start off your pool life with our brilliant range of Nocchi pool pumps!


Why should you buy a Nocchi pool pump?

A pool pump is a necessity – without one the water would become stagnant. The pump allows water to stay fresh through recirculation and filtration. What Nocchi offer is a top quality and a super quiet pump, which is ideal for swimming pools, spas etc. The pump motor is fully enclosed and externally ventilated.

To find out more specific and technical data, click here.



Why you should invest in a Pressure Vessel

14 July 2015 by Sarah Sinclair

Ultra Pro Vessels

A pressure vessel is a container designed to hold material at a high pressure. The Zilmet Ultra Pro Pressure Vessel can be applied to any type of pump, which makes the product hassle free!

Zilmet manufacture high quality, reliable and cost-effective vessels which maximise efficiency to where you apply them. We want to make sure that our customers are getting the best products available, and this is definitely one to invest in.

To allow the pump to be suitable for drinking water, a butyl rubber membrane is used. There are many other benefits of using this, such as being able to use the tank with aggressive water. This is because the water only contacts the membrane, therefore there would be no interference with the rest of the tank. Fortunately, these membranes are easily replaceable meaning the lifetime of the tank is pretty much unlimited!

The pressure vessels have both domestic and commercial uses and are ideal to use in water booster sets, heating pressurisation and fill sets.

The stainless steel flange on the pressure vessels strengthen the product, ensuring a strong lifelong vessel. As well as the product being able to reach a maximum temperature of 99°C, there is a maximum working pressure of 10 bar.

This excellent product has yet another benefit! For a limited time only, we have dropped the prices of these Ultra Pro Vessels. These reduced prices are not to be missed, whether you need one now or whether you order one for a spare – this product is a must have for your pump!

To get your Zilmet Ultra Pro Pressure Vessels now, click here or call 01777 871100.



Why there is a growing tide of people who prefer to filter their tap water

30 April 2015 by Chloé Bleackley


Even tap water can contain microscopic dirt, sediments, unwanted minerals, bacteria and other contaminants (some of which are actually added to our drinking water!) that can make it taste and sometimes smell unpleasant. More worrying than this is that there is a growing concern that some of these contaminants could endanger your health.

Filtering your water through carbon filters is the most effective way to remove impurities making your water healthier to drink and improving its taste. 

If you use a mains water supply, you'll find that utility companies use chlorine to treat your drinking water because it's a cheap, easy to use and effective method of killing bacteria found in water. Whilst it's very effective, chlorine can taint your water and make it smell and taste unpleasant. By filtering your water you remove this added chlorine completely and with it the unpleasant taste and smell. 

Do you buy bottled water?

If so, you need to have a close look at the economics of bottled water vs filtered. Bottled water comes out extremely expensive compared to filtering. Some bottled waters are also lacking in some healthy minerals which are found in tap water. 

If you have a private water supply there is a potential risk of bacterias and parasites contaminating your drinking water. Some of these contaminants could cause serious illness. The most effective way of killing and removing these is with UV filtration systems which guarantee to kill 99.99% of these harmful contaminants. The UV rays penetrate the micro-organisms and destroy their ability to reproduce, effectively rendering them harmless. 

The main benefit you'll get from installing a filtration system is the peace of mind that you and your family are drinking safe, clean, healthy water!

Our Standard and Aqua Big filters are produced to guarantee a high nominal filtration level so they won't let you down! The filters are compact and due to the cartridges precise pattern mounting an increased filtration surface is achieved; thus extending the life of your filtration system. 

We want to help make the decision to install a filtration system even easier for you. That's why, for a limited time only when you buy 6 of our Standard or Aqua Big Filters we'll give you:




The discount will be automatically deducted at check-out on our website. It's that easy!

If you have any questions about this subject, do not hesitate to contact us here


*Terms and Conditions Apply



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