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Iron and Manganese Removal


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Iron and Manganese Removal

15 August 2017 by David Critchley


We have two methods of removing Iron and manganese from water depending on the chemical composition:


Catalytic Oxidation

This method uses a filter media as a catalyst to oxidise dissolved iron in the water, to a form which will drop out of solution and become trapped in the filter media. This is then periodically backwashed to waste by an automatic control valve.


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Catalytic oxidation is a simple, cost effective technique for removing iron As the media is used as a catalyst, it is not depleted and does not need to be ‘toped up’.





ION Exchange
This method uses an ionic exchange resin, to trap dissolved impurities in the water. Periodically, as the resin becomes depleted, it is automatically re-generated using a small amount of salt. The impurities are then backwashed away to waste by an automatic control valve.

Ion exchange works best on clear water, i.e. when the iron/manganese are in a dissolved form and will also reduce hardness with no extra treatment.

With this method, pH correction, iron/manganese removal, ammonia reduction and softening can all be addressed in a single process, leaving crystal clear soft water.


Which is best?
Generally, we would recommend a Catalytic oxidation system unless Manganese levels are high and/or pH is low. In which case, we would probably suggest an ion exchange system. The key to getting it right is to have the water tested, so we know exactly what we are dealing with. We have a quick, self-test kit which we send to you by courier and collect on the day of the test. The sample is analysed at the laboratory and a report issued, comparing the sample against the Private Water Supplies Regulations. If you already have a test report, send it to us at

We can then design a bespoke system, tailored to your requirements.

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