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Your Time Is Money

10 September 2015 by Sarah Sinclair


Harvest season is coming to an end, and we know that an important factor to consider during this period is time. Making sure your machinery has enough fuel through cultivation is an important necessity. That’s why we have carefully selected our best fuel transfer products to enable you to refuel quickly and efficiently. 



Our high volume diesel pump and high speed automatic nozzle are ideal for the job at hand! By using both of these products, it would take less than 2 minutes to refuel a tractor over 400 litres in capacity!

So, why are these products a must have? This combination will allow for you to refuel in next to no time at all. With less mess, less fuel waste and a reduced filling time, don’t miss out on your chance for an easier time after a hard harvest! Connecting hose and fittings are also available on request.



High Volume Diesel Pump

In more detail, this self-priming pump has a sturdy, long life cast iron structure along with oil resistant seals and gaskets. To avoid the loss of diesel once the pump has stopped, a non-return valve is incorporated to the inlet of the pump so that the diesel can flow in, however cannot make its way back out. This makes the process of priming the pump a lot easier the next time it is used.

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High Speed Automatic Nozzle

Our high speed nozzle shuts off the flow of the fuel when the tank is full. This means there is less fuel waste and reduced mess as it will only fill to the top and not overflow. The nozzle is perfect for refuelling diesel up to 250 l/min into tractors, large agricultural or plant vehicles.

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