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Agricultural Blogs

Slurry and Effluent pumping can be a nightmare!

12th May 2016 by Chloé Bleackley


You need to be prepared to manage the silage, sludge, slurry and sewage which will be your priority in the upcoming weeks. These types of substance are the trickiest to pump; they are corrosive, and easily block pump impellers and chambers. We are experts in dealing with these types of challenges, so we want to help you through this season.

You won’t have to worry about the abrasive, corrosive substances wearing away at your pump anymore. Our pumps are manufactured from corrosion resistant stainless steel.

Pumping straw, silage, animal hair and any other types of fibrous materials will no longer jam or block your pump.Our pumps don’t block and pass it through without any issues.

We know how much trouble can be caused when a pump stops working, particularly because of all the regulations set by the SEPA regarding pollution and water causes. Our pumps are reliable and come with a 2 Year Guarantee; all pumps are stocked high so if you do have any unlikely issues we can send you a replacement the next day.

We’ve been advertising these pumps in the Farmers Guardian and Scottish Farmer publications for years; they are favoured by farmers all over the UK!

Here’s what Nottinghamshire based farmer Roger Beckett said about our pumps…

“After experiencing the same problems year after year when slurry pumping, I thought my system would never work effectively. That’s until I spoke to Whisper Pumps, they helped me choose a submersible pump which doesn’t block after every use and since then my system has never worked better.“

Dependent on your specific requirements the 2 pumps which we’re talking about are the Ebara DW Series & Right Series. Call us now on 01777 871100 and we’ll advise you which pump you’ll need to help you through this important season.





10 September 2015 by Sarah Sinclair


Harvest season is coming to an end, and we know that an important factor to consider during this period is time. Making sure your machinery has enough fuel through cultivation is an important necessity. That’s why we have carefully selected our best fuel transfer products to enable you to refuel quickly and efficiently. 



Our high volume diesel pump and high speed automatic nozzle are ideal for the job at hand! By using both of these products, it would take less than 2 minutes to refuel a tractor over 400 litres in capacity!

So, why are these products a must have? This combination will allow for you to refuel in next to no time at all. With less mess, less fuel waste and a reduced filling time, don’t miss out on your chance for an easier time after a hard harvest! Connecting hose and fittings are also available on request.



High Volume Diesel Pump

In more detail, this self-priming pump has a sturdy, long life cast iron structure along with oil resistant seals and gaskets. To avoid the loss of diesel once the pump has stopped, a non-return valve is incorporated to the inlet of the pump so that the diesel can flow in, however cannot make its way back out. This makes the process of priming the pump a lot easier the next time it is used.

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High Speed Automatic Nozzle

Our high speed nozzle shuts off the flow of the fuel when the tank is full. This means there is less fuel waste and reduced mess as it will only fill to the top and not overflow. The nozzle is perfect for refuelling diesel up to 250 l/min into tractors, large agricultural or plant vehicles.

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Still Paying For Mains Water?

20 November 2014 by Chloé Bleackley


Still Paying For Mains Water?


With the amount of rainfall we get in the United Kingdom, and if this past weeks anything to go by you're missing out on using rainwater as a free water resource. 

Water is essential for farming and many other uses, yet we often take it for granted. Using the rainwater that we are all guilty of watching fall straight down the drain and investing in a rainwater harvesting system could be the fastest return on investment you make. The system will quickly pay for itself and rainwater is: 

Rainwater can also be used for a multitude of purposes including private domestic usage such as washing machines, toilet flushing and garden watering. 

Our system has saved us a fortune over the years and we would like to help you do the same. 

The benefits are endless, that's why, we're sure you'd like to know about our new range of rainwater storage tanks. Our tanks range in size from as little as 150 litres to 30,000 litres so we'll have a tank to suit most of your applications. 

Our storage tanks are:

Different Rainwater Harvesting Applications

We are so confident in the quality of our new tanks that we've backed them with a solid 10 year guarantee for your reassurance.

Don't watch rainwater go straight down the drain. We don't get much for free in this world, so don't waste this free resource anymore!

Click here to Browse Rainwater Tanks

If you have any questions regarding our new rainwater tanks do not hesitate to contact us here.



What could you do with an extra £4,000 a year?

27 March 2014 by David Critchley and Chloé Bleackley


Want to know how to save over £4,000 on your farms annual water bill?

That’s exactly what one of our customers has done through installing a groundwater recovery system to function and water his farm.

How does this work?

Our customer installed a simple shallow well using prefabricated concrete rings. He surrounded the rings with brick rubble to allow the ground water to seep into the well.

An Ebara IDROGO high pressure submersible pump was installed in the well and pipe work laid back to the farm.

Control equipment for the pump was installed in the dairy where the mains water pipe was cut off and connected to the pump system. The dairy is still run from mains water but the rest of the farm is feed from the well. A loose length of pipe is on stand-by so that the mains water can be quickly re-connected in case of failure of the well supply.


“While we’re milking, the pump runs the plate cooler and the warm water runs into a water trough outside. The cows like the warm water and they drink a lot more than they would if it was cold. The cows are re-using their own body heat so it’s got to save energy and ultimately feed costs”


Prior to installing this groundwater recovery system this farmer used mains water supply to function his farm. Since the installation, he’s saved £1,100 per quarter, that’s £4,400 annually!


“I can’t think of anything else we could do which would give such a quick return on investment”


Groundwater Recovery System




To find out more about how installing a groundwater recovery system could save you financially do not hesitate to contact us here with any questions, alternatively call one of our specialist advisors at 01777 871100.



Do Not Buy A Chopper Pump For Your Farm Until You Have Read This

02 August 2013 by David Critchley


It’s a popular misconception that to pump water with suspended solids, you need to chop it all up with some kind of macerator. This is not true. Here are the facts:

Macerator pumps were designed to pump human waste through small bore pipes over long distances, and manufacturers will demonstrate them chewing up a T shirt and spitting it out as in a million pieces - impressive stuff! That’s fine when the scissor action of the blades is new and sharp, but what happens after a month or two when the razor sharp edges have become dull? If you’re in any doubt, go and grab a pair of scissors and a T shirt.

And now try straw, silage and cow hair. You can’t do it and you don’t need to.
*Leading to expensive repair bills*


Vortex pumps can easily pass solids without chopping them!

Blog Image
Vortex pumps have a rotating impeller which creates a fast moving swirl of water. The centrifugal force of this vortex escapes through the outlet on the side of the chamber, creating a depression at the inlet, drawing more material into the chamber. Because the impeller is located high in the chamber, most of the pumped media never comes into contact with the impeller and so solids and fibrous material pass straight through.

The Ebara DW VOX submersible pump is one of the most reliable vortex pumps on the market and one of our best sellers for agricultural waste water. It can pass solids up to 50mm (2”) in diameter up to heights of over 15 metres. It is made entirely from corrosion resistant stainless steel and is available in single or three phase versions.

We are so confident in this pumps ability; we would like to offer you a 30 day no risk trial on your farm.

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